Turing-Complete Dilema


Smart Contracts have been one of the big surprises that Blockchain technology has brought us. Unfortunately, much of what humans consider as contracts brings with it a lot of established assumptions and jurisprudence that don’t need to be explicitly stated.

Its biggest problem, however, is the paradox of the use of Turing Complete languages: only with Turing-Complete languages , we have enough versatility to describe all the cases that could happen in a verbal agreement, and at the same time it is the cause of all kinds of unwanted behaviors that destroy the trust we can place in these systems, giving rise to all kinds of exemplary cases: back doors, pyramid scams, anti-censorship bad-intentioned software….

Remember, if something is in a chain and is immutable does not mean that it is reliable. If you want to know more about the problems of smart contracts, look below:



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