How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Internal Audit Freelancer?

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Internal auditing is a critical function within any organization, providing an independent and objective assessment of a company’s operations. While many companies have in-house internal audit teams, some may opt to outsource this function to freelance internal auditors. If you are considering hiring a freelance internal auditor, you may be wondering about the typical rates charged for their services. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the rates charged by internal audit freelancers and provide insight into the typical pricing structure for their services.

Factors Affecting Freelance Internal Audit Rates

The rates charged by freelance internal auditors can vary significantly based on a number of factors. One of the primary considerations is the level of experience and expertise of the freelancer. Internal auditors with extensive experience and specialized knowledge in certain industries or areas of focus may command higher rates than those with less experience. Additionally, the freelancer’s education, certifications, and professional affiliations can also impact their rate.

Another factor that can influence rates is the scope and complexity of the internal audit engagement. Larger, more complex organizations or projects may require a greater investment of time and resources, which can result in higher fees. Similarly, engagements that involve travel or require specialized skills or tools may also command higher rates.

The location of the freelancer and the client can also play a role in determining rates. In general, freelance internal auditors based in areas with a higher cost of living may have higher fee structures to account for their overhead expenses. On the other hand, clients located in regions with a higher demand for internal audit services may also face higher rates due to market forces.

Typical Pricing Structure

Freelance internal auditors typically utilize one of several common pricing structures when charging for their services. The most common approach is to charge an hourly rate for the time spent performing the audit work. Hourly rates can vary widely based on the factors mentioned earlier, with experienced auditors often charging upwards of $100 per hour or more.

Some freelancers may offer a flat fee for specific audit engagements, particularly for smaller or more routine projects. This can provide clients with cost certainty and may be more appropriate for well-defined, limited-scope engagements.

Another option is a retainer arrangement, in which the client pays a set monthly or annual fee to retain the services of the internal auditor on an ongoing basis. This can be advantageous for both the freelancer and the client, providing the freelancer with a predictable income stream and the client with access to ongoing audit services as needed.

Finally, some internal auditors may offer performance-based pricing, in which a portion of their fee is tied to specific outcomes or objectives achieved through the audit process. This can align the freelancer’s incentives with the client’s desired results and may be particularly relevant for projects with a focus on process improvement or risk mitigation.

Understanding the Value of Internal Audit

When considering the rates charged by freelance internal auditors, it’s important to recognize the value that these professionals bring to an organization. Internal auditors play a critical role in helping companies identify and mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices. A well-executed internal audit can uncover opportunities for cost savings, process improvements, and strategic insights that far outweigh the cost of the audit itself.

Additionally, engaging a freelance internal auditor can provide a level of objectivity and independence that may be difficult to achieve with an in-house team. This can be particularly valuable for organizations facing complex or sensitive audit issues, helping to ensure the integrity and thoroughness of the audit process.


Freelance internal auditors offer a valuable service to organizations seeking independent, objective assessments of their operations. The rates charged by these professionals can vary widely based on their experience, the scope and complexity of the engagement, their location, and the pricing structure used. Understanding these factors and the value that internal auditors provide can help organizations make informed decisions about engaging freelance internal audit professionals. Ultimately, the cost of an internal audit should be weighed against the potential benefits and insights that can be gained from a thorough and well-executed audit.

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