How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Video Narration Freelancer?

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Video Narration Freelancers Rates

Video narration is a crucial component of any video production. Whether it’s a commercial, documentary, eLearning module, or any other type of video, the voiceover sets the tone and delivers the message. Many video producers turn to freelance narrators to provide professional and high-quality narration for their projects. However, one common question that arises is: How much do video narration freelancers charge?

Factors Affecting Rates

The rates charged by video narration freelancers can vary widely depending on several factors. One important factor is the length of the project. Typically, narrators charge based on the number of words in the script or the duration of the final video. Complex or technical scripts may also command higher rates due to the expertise required to accurately convey the content.

The experience and reputation of the narrator also play a significant role in determining their rates. Established and well-known narrators may charge premium rates for their services, while newer or less experienced narrators may offer more competitive prices to build their portfolios and gain experience.

The intended use of the narration is another crucial factor. Rates for commercial use, such as television or radio advertising, may differ from those for non-commercial uses, such as corporate training videos or eLearning modules. Additionally, the scope of the project, including whether it will be broadcast regionally, nationally, or internationally, can impact the rates charged by narrators.

Average Rates

While the rates charged by video narration freelancers can vary, there are some general guidelines that can provide an overview of the average rates in the industry. On average, freelance narrators may charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per finished hour of audio. However, it’s important to note that this range is just a starting point, and rates can go higher or lower based on the aforementioned factors.

For shorter projects, such as commercials or short promotional videos, rates may be based on the number of words in the script, with prices ranging from $100 to $500 per 100 words. Again, these rates may fluctuate based on the project’s complexity, intended use, and the narrator’s experience.

Additional Fees and Considerations

In addition to base rates, video narration freelancers may also charge additional fees for specific services or considerations. For instance, some narrators may charge extra for script proofreading or editing, especially if the script requires significant revisions or if the client’s changes are frequent. Others may charge for studio fees, especially if the narrator is responsible for recording and delivering high-quality audio files.

When considering hiring a freelancer for video narration, clients should also inquire about usage rights and buyout options. Usage rights determine how and where the narration can be used, and buyout options allow clients to purchase exclusive rights to the narration, preventing the freelancer from using the same recording for other projects.


In conclusion, the rates charged by video narration freelancers can vary based on several factors, including project length, complexity, intended use, and the narrator’s experience and reputation. While average rates provide a general idea, it’s essential for clients to discuss specific project details with potential narrators to receive accurate quotes. By understanding the factors affecting rates and being aware of additional fees and considerations, clients can make informed decisions when hiring video narration freelancers for their projects.

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